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Get acquainted with the main races for running in Barcelona, from 3k family races to triathlons!
By Fabiola Chirinos
There are several options of races in Barcelona, from 3k family races to triathlons.

Barcelona can be considered a Paradise for runners. Several competitions are held during the year, some for beginners and others for professionals. There are also races dedicated to families and children. Sports and healthy lifestyle are promoted from an early age in Barcelona.
If you have the chance to participate in a race while you are visiting, take it. The experience is worth it. The city welcomes runners with a cool and pleasant climate, typical of the Mediterranean, and the programmed competitions offer unequaled routes, where you can learn a little more about our city and admire the emblematic sites of the Catalan capital.

Running races for beginners

The Color Run. A world-famous race, because it has an annual edition in every major city in the world. Everyone meets at the end of the trail to enjoy a party with live dance music and rain of color every half hour, when all participants throw paint dusts in the air and bathe in different tones.

The race is 5 kilometers and has no time or age restriction. It usually takes place when the sum-mer is starting, in June or July. The race starts at Rius i Taulet Avenue.

Electric Run. This race is different for many reasons. In addition to taking place at night, the route is inside the Parc del Fórum, a location that has received great artists and athletes right in front of the sea. It also has no age limit, and usually attracts the younger audience because of its peculiar environment.

It is 5 kilometers long, through which various thematic spaces are distributed. LED lights and light tunnels illuminate the route and for adults it is possible to register individually or in groups of four or more members. It takes place in October.

For families - The family run

The Family Run. Everyone is a winner in this race. It was created as a space for integration, equality and respect, and allows the participation of children and adults. The route begins in the Parc de la Ciutadella, where you can also go for a walk to the zoo after the race.
Parents and children walk the 5 kilometers in different competitions. But in the end, everyone enjoys the party that includes music, clowns and games. It is celebrated during the month of June.

Cursa Disney Magic Run. This race invites children to live a day of dreams and sports. Only adults can participate in the 5-kilometer journey. If you want to run along with your whole family, sign up for the 3 kilometers race. It also has various stages especially for kids in which only children can run.

In addition to the race, the event includes spaces for girls to dress up and disguise themselves as Disney princesses, pedal cars, interactive games and some Disney characters from the world of Disney attend the run to make sure the children are enjoying themselves. It is usually organized in July at the Parc del Forum

For expert runners.

Carrera Jean Bouin. One of the most important races in the city, because it is the oldest in Barce-lona. It has 93 editions already and continues to receive thousands of participants from all over the world. The first race took place in 1920 and since then more than half a million runners have participated, despite becoming an international career starting in 1946.

The 93 edition is scheduled for November 27 and, as is tradition, can be covered in two stages: 5k or 10k. The route begins in the Montjuic Mountain and ends in the Arc de Triomphe, for the par-ticipants of the 5k race, or in the Rius i Taulet Avenue for those who run 10k.
Cursa el Corte Inglés is the race with most participants in all Europe and the second highest at-tendance of all the races of the world. El Corte Inglés has already celebrated 37 editions where thousands of people gather to be part of one of the world’s most striking 10k routes, starting at Paseo de Gracia and ending at Plaza Catalunya.

The course is one of the most important attractions of this race. Runners cross several emblem-atic sites of the city, among them, the Olympic Stadium of Montjuic. The first time the stadium was crossed was 26 years ago. Since then, it has become the most characteristic route of the race. It usually takes place during the month of April.

Mitja Marató of Barcelona. It attracts all kinds of athletes because it is the half marathon held in the city. The 21-kilometer route passes through emblematic places, which there are a few of in Barcelona. In addition, it is one of the first events of this nature that take place during the year, regularly celebrated during the month of February.

The most passionate and well-trained athletes are usually those who participate. However, the technical direction of the event developed an 11 weeks training plan for runners who want to follow it in order to prepare for reaching the goal.

Garmin Barcelona Triathlon. The versatility of the city makes it the perfect setting for a triathlon. And the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon is the evidence, combining the Barcelona environments in a route that includes race, bike and swimming. Only the most prepared athletes can complete the circuit. That is why it is better to leave it to professionals.

The event has three modalities so that athletes can choose the distance that suits their physical abilities. More than 5,000 triathletes have participated in previous editions, including well-known international names. Even if you do not participate, you can always watch the brave runners live.