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ATTENTION: Do closely read the contents of these General Conditions prior to pressing the acceptance push button.
HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L., bearer of Tax Identification No. B64098593, with business address at 191 Ave. Madrid, mezzanine 3ª-B (08014) Barcelona, inscribed in the Business Registry of Barcelona, on Folio 162 of Volume 38278, sheet no. B 320113, Contact telephone number +34.627751650, Fax. No. +34.934472689 and electronic mail address info@holadaysbarcelona.com, owner of the Website www.acomodis.com, offers the use of this Website to the Users, conditioned to the acceptance without any modifications by the User of the present General Conditions.
The User declares that he or she is of legal age (meaning that he or she is at least 18 years old) and has the legal capacity needed to be bound by this agreement and use this Website in keeping with the General Conditions herein stated, which he/she understands in their totality.
The User also declares that all of the information supplied by him or her to this Website and in the course of its use is accurate, complete and precise and pledges to update it if necessary.
Through the HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. Website, the User has access to information on products and services of HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. and of third parties related to the leasing of Tourist Apartments, being able to make reservations.
The User’s stay reservations in Tourist Apartments belonging to Third Parties will be subject to the specific terms and conditions that these Owners may establish for each case.
The Owners of the Tourist Apartments reserved via the Web page of HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L., each one of them within the realm of their respective obligations, will be responsible before the User of the observance of the obligations derived from the norms in force and of the terms and conditions of the lease of each one of the Properties, products and services they hire, without HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. having to assume any obligation or responsibility regarding those leases of Properties and services that it does not directly offer.
All contents of the Website of HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. (including, but not limited to, texts, graphics, logos, push button icons, images, audio files and software) are the property of HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. or of its content providers and are under the protection of the national and international norms of industrial and intellectual property. The compilation (herein understood as the collection, ordering and editing) of all of the content of the HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. Website is the exclusive property of HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. and is protected by the national and international regulation on industrial and intellectual property. All the software used in the Website HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L., or of its software providers is protected by the national and international regulation on industrial and intellectual property.
No other use of the content of this Website is in any way permitted, including its reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, subsequent publication, or total or partial exhibition or representation total.
Most particularly, no kind of use of the images contained in the HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. Website beyond the limits of the Website itself is allowed without the express permission of HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. or its providers.
This Website is solely and exclusively for the personal use of its Users. Its modification, reproduction, duplication, copying, distribution, sale, resale and other exploitation forms with a commercial or other purpose are strictly prohibited. You hereby pledge not to use this Website for illegal or forbidden purposes.
Most particularly, the Website User hereby agrees that he or she will only use the Website for himself or herself and that the products or services purchased via the Website will be for his or her own use or for that of the people on whose behalf he or she is legally authorised to act. The User will not resell products or services purchased via the Website to other people.
HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. offers this Website in the state in which it is presented. HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. carries out the greatest efforts in the interests of the updating, maintenance and functioning of the Website, not being able to guarantee the absence of technical failings, the infallibility of the service via the Web page or the constant good working order of the system or portal.
Visiting the Website does not compel the User to supply any kind of personal information. In the event of the User supplying some kind of personal information, the data recorded in the website will be used with the purpose, in the form and with the limitations and rights provided for in the Organic Law 15/1999, on Personal Data Protection, and the Regulatory Scheme of Safety Measures of Automated Files Containing Personal Data. The data supplied by the User will be incorporated onto the personal files, which are under the responsibility and ownership of HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L., a file whose existence has been communicated and inscribed in the Data Protection Agency. HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. will fulfil the obligation that the aforementioned Agency be conveyed the changes that take place in the purpose of the automated file, in the person in charge thereof and the address of its location.
HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. will adopt all safety Measures in relation to the files and data therein treated, in accordance with the Data Protection Law and the Regulatory Scheme of Safety Measures of Automated Files Containing Personal Data.
Those Users supplying personal data unequivocally agree to the incorporation of their data onto the personal files, which will be the responsibility of HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. as will the computer or other treatment of the data so that they may be used by HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. with a commercial, advertising, operational and statistical purpose, for the storage of data and for marketing studies and the characteristic activities of its business objective.
When it comes to entering data, there will be indications of the voluntary or compulsory character of the data being collected. A failure to supply the data presented as compulsory will entail a non-offering of, or impossibility to gain access to, the service for which they were requested. It will also be possible to voluntarily supply data so that the services on offer can be carried out at the highest level of quality.
In the event of the Users of this website having to supply their e-mail address to gain access to some to the services on offer, they will be able to manifest that they do not want to receive any kind of communication that HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. may send, so long as it is not strictly linked to the purpose for which the service was requested. Users that have subscribed to some kind of mailing list within this website will be supplied with the mechanisms needed to unsubscribe from the list by HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L..
HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. will proceed to cancel the data collected whenever they cease to be necessary or relevant for the purpose for which they were collected or recorded. Nevertheless, HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. will be able to retain your data once the relationship with the User is over in order to observe legal obligations.
In the event that the data collected are used for a different purpose from that for which they have been obtained or collected, the previous permission of the parties concerned will be necessary.
The rights of rectification and cancellation can be exercised via written communication to HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. with business address at 3 Benavent, L3 ground floor, (08028) Barcelona, and telephone number +34.934472689.
The present General Conditions, as well as any relationship between you as the User and HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. will be ruled by the Spanish legislation. For any matter in issue derived from the existence or contents of these general Conditions or from the relations between the User and HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L., both parties will refer to what is indicated by law in this respect.
HOLADAYS BARCELONA, S.L. reserves the rights to make changes at any moment to our Website, as well as to the present General Conditions.
In accordance with the Law of the information society (34/2002), of 11 July, the contract to be subscribed by the client will be filed in the records by HOLADAYS BARCELONA S.L. and will be accessible to the consumer upon the latter’s request.