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Barcelona city blog - the markets of Barcelona | Acomodis

Markets dedicated to selling high quality products are spread throughout Barcelona. From emblematic gastronomic markets to places where you can find flowers or unique second-hand clothes
By Fabiola Chirinos
There are travelers who love getting to know a city through its markets. The reason is simple: these spaces dedicated to sales offer you a look at the lives of local people, their tastes and preferences. If it is a gastronomic market, the flavors that characterize the city are usually the most predominant. In Barcelona, you will also find spaces for the sale of second hand clothes, relics or even flowers. Below we present our favorite places to go shopping in the city.

The Boquería

Its official name is The Mercat of Sant Josep de la Boquería, and it is the market of greater fame in the city. Locals come here to chat and pick fresh ingredients for their meals. You will find fish, meats, fruits, sweets and more, and it hosts very popular restaurants, like El Quim or the Pinotxo Bar. It is located next to Las Ramblas, which is why it has become one of the most touristic markets in Barcelona. In its beginnings, it was the place where street vendors could be found, today it is a lively space full of colors and aromas that enchant the foodies.

Sant Antoni

It stands out for its prices. In this market, good quality products are usually found at a much cheaper cost. Despite being a gastronomic market, on Sundays you can get sales of collection piece books, among them, magazines, comics and more. There are so many options for reading among the second hand books found there, that it has become a must for lovers of literature, both for those who live in Barcelona and for those who only come to visit. You can also find vintage clothes and other items that make the market one of the favorite plans for Sundays. NB! It is currently under reconstruction.

Mercat de La Concepció

A flower market in the neighborhood of L'Eixample. It is one of the most frequent visits for the lovers of the garden, thanks to the botanical variety you can find there. The area of flowers, despite being the most popular area, is located at the end of the market. Upon entering you will see a colorful space where you can buy vegetables, fruits and even fish and meat. One of the most original markets in the city, which has one of the most pleasant environments to share with friends.

Santa Caterina

Although its fame is not as great as that of La Boquería, the market of Santa Caterina offers a pleasant atmosphere to get fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. It highlights its colorful ceiling of curved lines. It was designed by Enrich Millares in 1997, and its colors represent the shades of fruits and vegetables that can be obtained inside. It also houses a small supermarket and is one of the favorite places for locals looking for a quiet place to shop high quality produce. It also has bars with delicious tapas.

Mercat dels Encants

One of the oldest markets in Barcelona, and the largest flea market that the city houses. Here you can find all kinds of products, from garments and secondhand jewelry to toys and collectibles, or completely new clothes. It is located in the center of Place de les Glories. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays you can even participate in any of the auctions. We recommend visiting it during the morning, because many sellers usually close their stalls at noon.