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The best parks in Barcelona | Acomodis

Get to know Barcelona’s stunning parks that offer lovely walks for both locals and visitors.
By Fabiola Chirinos
Barcelona has many nicknames. Everyone visits it for different reasons and it has become established as a city with impressive constructions. Many of its parks also have such fame that it transcends borders. They are completely different to any other big city parks, and offer unique cultural walks. We have our favorite parks due to their uniqueness. Discover them and take a day to get to really know what these spaces have to offer.

Güell park

Güell park is the most stunning and famous of these, due to its architectural and sculptural structure that has astonished many visitors. Although it was designed to be a garden city, the project was never completed and today it offers a playful, colorful and quite complete space, which both children and adults enjoy. There is a free entrance area where you can spend picnic mornings. If you want to see the main attractions, you will have to buy an entrance. You can buy them at the park or through the website. Upon entering you will discover one of the most surrealist works of Gaudí. Do not miss the guard house, the ceramic dragon and the view of Barcelona from the wavy bench.

Horta Labyrinth Park

It is a bit far from the city center, but accessible via the metro. This park has its labyrinth, where you can spend hours trying to reach the fountain in its center. Only a few have succeeded. If traveling with family, friends or children, it is one of the most entertaining options to spend a different day outdoors.

Park of the Citadel

It is the most central park, and one of the preferred by the local inhabitants. Stroll through it and enjoy the pleasant climate of Barcelona. During the summer, you can go boating on its lake. It also has a zoo, one of the stops that most children enjoy. Every so often they present a show with dolphins and their schedule varies depending on the time of year. At the entrance you will be able to find information about the activities scheduled for that day.


The park gardens of Pedralbes is located around the Palace of Pedralbes and offer a wide space full of green areas for the enjoyment of the whole family. It is one of the favorites for local people to spend picnic days. It has its own summer festival in which you can witness popular national and international artists, and taste the gastronomic specialities that are offered during the events. The festival’s schedule includes days to celebrate family, music or just for a picnic.

Park of the Creueta del Coll

The most striking attraction of this park is the large public swimming pool. It is the space to go for a dip during the hot summer days. In the park you will find sculptures made by well-known artists, areas to rest and green spaces, where palm trees abound. Wear your bathing suit and enjoy the water under the sun.